Why would we launch an online video physiotherapy service? The founders of OfficePhysio, Johannes and René, got back problems and RSI (also called mouse-arm) due to intense computer use at work. An operation was prevented thanks to a last minute tip by a physiotherapist: conduct short exercises behind the computer. Yet, soon the exact conduct of the exercises was difficult to remember and without a reminder forgotten to be done. Available services – software that needed to be installed and freezes the computer without warning – seemed dull and old-fashioned. Being friends since university, we met regularly. One day we discussed these issues and thought that there is clearly a need for online video exercises, presented by experts with reminders. The idea for OfficePhysio was born.


Studied business management and business law and worked for various companies. Due to several wrong diagnoses by doctors was his RSI syndrome in his arm not detected. Only when he started taking classes with Alexander Höhne and doing his exercises was the situation getting better. Since, he is doing the exercises of Alexander Höhne and the problems are gone. Because this is such a wonderful concept, Johannes wants to make the service available for everyone – voilà OfficePhysio.


Studied management in Germany and Scotland. After his job as corporate controller René has been studying for his PhD in Strategy and Innovation in the field of Sustainability. Entrepreneurship and sustainability are two passions of the co-founder.


Manon studied physiotherapy and worked for several years for various physiotherapy centers. Currently she is the head physiotherapists at the MOVE Physiotherapy center in Hamburg and engages as a docent for physiotherapy. Manon develops the medical programs for OfficePhysio, gives seminars and acts in our exercise movies.


Is a physiotherapist and worked for several clinics in Berlin and Hamburg. He also studied to be a ‘back trainer’ and offers several back trainings at various renowned companies. Mr Höhne developed the OfficePhysio method and introduces OfficePhysio at companies through seminars.