CONTACT US anytime with questions about the video-physio-break or if you need technical help.

What is OfficePhysio?

At officephysio.com we offer simple and effective, sustainable back strengthening exercises presented and explained by specialized physiotherapists in short video tutorials. Individual programmes, exercise  reminders, and statistics support usersin  permanently strengthening their back. What is more, we provide information on how to use ergonomic workplace and medical background information.

Will OfficePhysio work with my wireless network?

Yes. You can view our material on most wireless networks. If you have a laptop you can practice virtually anywhere in  your home, while in your hotel room, and at work— anywhere you can receive a wireless connection.

My video does not play

The following is required to experience OfficePhysio:

  1. A broadband connection (DSL, Cable, or Satellite). You will need at least an Ultra Lite connection.
    • Lite connection and dial-up will not support our videos at this time.
    • Please contact your internet provider if you are unsure of your connection.
    • You will need at least an internet speed of 550kbps to view the videos, or you may experience video break ups. Check your download streaming speed here: http://www.bandwidthplace.com/
  2. Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, 2000, or Mac OS X version 10.1.5 or later.
  3. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Netscape.
  4. Flash Player is not required
  5. For iPad and iPhone streaming you will need a wifi connection

My screen saver keeps interrupting my practice. How do I disable it?

On most Windows systems you can right-click anywhere on the desktop. Click on “Properties,” then click on the “Screen Saver” tab at the top of the dialog box.

From there you can disable your screen saver or adjust the settings to fit your preferences.

For most Mac systems, go to the Apple icon and click “System Preferences”. Under “Hardware”, click “Energy Saver”. Then set the computer and display to sleep after 1.5 hours or more, or choose “Never”.

Can I view the practices full screen?

Yes. To view your practices full screen just click the full screen symbol in the bottom right of the video player. Press esc button to come out of full screen.

How do I cancel my recurring membership?

To cancel your recurring membership payments, login and then go to MEMBERSHIP in the right tool bar – there you will find the CANCEL feature.

What is the best way to get the most out of OfficePhysio videos?

To help you get the most out of OfficePhysio, we offer a few suggestions. You do not need any additional tools. Do not skip any exercise. The entire programme is part of a complete process to strengthen your back. Most important of all, have fun!