Stock Informatik introduces OfficePhysio

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The company Stock Informatik, based in Fröndenberg, Germany, develops software for occupational medicine, preventive medicine and safety at work and is equipped with the ISIS products market leader in Germany. Many large corporations rely on the innovative solutions of Stock Informatik.


For the company itself sustainable management is the focus. This means for them to analyze and optimize the social and environmental impacts of the company. Cases in point are the core elements people, planet and profit that have to be in balance and influence each other positively.


Not only the software of Stock Informatik deals with the issue of health, but also the management itself. In addition to a massage at the workplace, flexible working hours and a healthy diet, the company has recently introduced a physio-break with OfficePhysio. All staff have attended an OfficePhysio-seminar for physical back health at work stations and received a Thera-Band ® from the company. With this, they can train even more effectively and use the optional Thera-Band ® version to make use of the full potential of OfficePhysio.